Fishing Report 5/4/19

Finally, after another week of dismal weather we are going to have a beautiful weekend! Overnight temperatures will still dip below forty so you can sleep in a little before getting out on the rivers. 

Most anglers have now shifted their focus towards trout on our local rivers though there are drop back steelhead available. Please, if you do come along fish actively working bed, let them continue their business undisturbed so we can all enjoy this wonderful resource in the future. The egg bite is still consistent however reports of fish aggressively chasing fry patters can provide a fun alternative to the dead drift. For the drop backs, you can swing flies or even strip large loud streamer patterns.

On our trout streams we're seeing a mix of small black caddis(16-18), blue winged olives (16-18), and hendricksons (12-14) throughout the day. If the conditions are right, expect to see hendrickson spinners with their unmistakable yellow egg sacks. Remember that during early spring in Northern Michigan bugs do not always equate to fish rising. Be prepared to fish soft hackles and streamers subsurface. 

Black Elk Hair Caddis, BWO CDC Sparkle Dun, Parachute BWO

Dark Hendrickson, Alex's Deer Hair Hendrickson, Ribbed Hendrickson Parachute

Foam Hendrickson Emerger, Alex's Half & Half Hendrickson, Loop Wing PT Emerger

Rusty Profile Spinner, Hi-Viz Egg Sack Spinner, Hi-Viz PT Spinner