Fishing Report 5/18/20

If you're out fishing today, I hope you have some good rain gear! We're currently getting hammered with rain here in the North and under a flood warning. The Boardman has shot up and is running huge so we're urging caution when wading.
Streamer fishing has been consistent on both the Boardman and Manistee with medium-sized flies. Sculpzillas, Butt Monkeys, Buggers, and Circus Peanuts have all produced fish. 
Dry fly fishing has been inconsistent but this is not uncommon for a cold spring like we've been having. We're at the tail end of Hendricksons but you may still run into those iconic spinners falling on the water. Start to look for March Browns, Mahoganies, and the crowd favorite Sulphurs. Just know that things have been off to a slow start and we'll be behind on the hatch schedule this year.
Our team will probably be spending some more time running nymph rigs in slower water or out on inland lakes chasing pike while we wait for the river levels to drop a little. Hope you're all well and have been out chasing some fish!