Fishing Report 3/4/21

We’ve started to get the weather in Northern Michigan that teases you into thinking we’re on the verge of spring. Mornings are still cold but the sun has consistently coming out to warm everything up and we have to admit the ten-day forecast looks pretty amazing for early March. 

Brian and I hit the river just a few days ago to start preparing for the Spring Steelhead season. Although the parking lot was full we were happy to have much of the river to ourselves. With the sun out early we felt great about our choices in lighter jackets and gear but our after an hour of sun we quickly regretted not packing more layers. 

 At our first spot, Brian stuck a fish that was ready to go, I stood in the middle of the boat as Brian worked from the stern to the bow and back again. We both laughed as this fish fought with the energy of a fresh fall steelhead and put on a great show. Despite an initial miss with the net, we landed this energetic buck with Brian’s rag egg stuck perfectly in the corner of its mouth. 

After some fist bumps and re-rigging we ignored the oldest advice in the book (don’t leave fish to find fish) and worked our way down river. Things were pretty slow from there but as we came back up river we stopped again at our initial spot and hooked a few more before heading home.

Flies to have in your box:

Egg Patterns: Raggs, Nukes, and Glo Bugs

  • Beads: 8 & 10mm (fireball, egg yolk, glow roe)
  • Stonefly Nymphs
  • Salmon Fry
  • Hex Nymphs
  • Caddis Nymphs

*Every day is different on the river so it’s important to keep cycling through different flies if you think your presentation is good and fish are seeing your flies