Fishing Report 4/28/20

Hey everyone, we sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well in these challenging times. I have to say that reaching the Trout Opener this spring truly feels like a milestone to celebrate. In a period of so much uncertainty, it is refreshing to turn the page towards the familiar: warmer weather, mayflies & caddis in the air, and time with good friends (at a distance) on the water. 


This is a great time to be on the water for anglers willing to stay flexible. We're going to have plenty of fluctuations in the weather still including a fair bit of rain. This means that although most of us want to be chasing trout eating Hendricksons & Caddis on we should also be prepared to keep throwing streamers. If the hatch is going to happen, it will be early-late afternoon and you'll want some Parachute Hendricksons in sizes 12-14 and Elk Hair Caddis in 14-16.


This is also a fantastic time of year to be chasing Pike in shallow water with a fly. Using an 8-10wt rod with a floating or intermediate line and some large streamers will often produce some large toothy critters! Smaller lakes will be reaching ideal temperatures soon. 

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