Fishing Report 4/25/24

April 25, 2024 Northern Angler Fly Shop Fishing Report Trout Opener!!

The weather has been perfect for setting the stage for a fantastic Trout Opener Weekend!   Things are ahead of schedule as one can imagine with the mild winter we experienced.  Morels are popping in the woods, grouse are drumming, turtles are out sunning themselves and there are already goslings hatching!  We certainly welcome the sights and sounds of spring, even if we didn’t have a harsh winter, it is nice to see the sun on a regular basis.   The great news about the winter includes, no anchor ice, so should have great hatching of baby trout this spring and no winter kill should really help the trout populations in our local waters.  

The rivers are low and clear for wading and the bugs have been hatching on the trout streams with Hendricksons, black stoneflies and even some early black caddis kicking around.  There is rain in the forecast, which we can definitely use.  With it being so dry this spring, the rivers and creeks should stay in shape for the weekend despite the potential for rain.  If they do start to rise, bust out the streamers and nymphs. 

Be prepared for the weekend with a fresh leader and tippet, a selection of dries including: Black Caddis, Early Black Stones, and Hendricksons.  Bead head nymphs, soft hackles and Hendrickson emergers should also be in your opening day weekend fly box. Check out our “Jimi Hendrickson” trout opener hoody and t-shirt to be in full fashion at trout camp. Pick up some floatant and dry shake and hit the river!!  The opening weekend of trout is full of wonderful traditions and it is a time for anglers all over Michigan to have a party, play some cards, and catch some wild trout!  The “Trout Camp” traditions need to be carried through to the next generations as we need to continue the conservation efforts it takes to create our healthy cold-water fisheries.  Time spent around the campfire, telling stories and reminiscing is important and is guaranteed to boost your mood and make you feel better, plus more in touch with the rivers that flow through our wonderful Northwoods.  

 It has been quite a while since we have seen such a mild spring and I am looking forward to putting this spring steelhead season in the rear view mirror and switching gears to focus on trout and bass in the next phase of the season!  Be careful with cross contamination of streams and creeks and bear in mind to clean, dry and drain! 

 A quick reminder that our local Adams Chapter TU is having their annual fundraiser banquet on May 4th at the Gilbert Lodge at Twin Lakes! Get more information or your tickets today . Click here!  We look forward to seeing you at the banquet this year!