Fishing Report 4/21/19

Happy Easter Everyone!

We are starting to see more and more familiar faces at the shop as days get warmer and we inch towards the opening of Michigan's trout season. Of course many of the rivers we love now have extended season that allow us to fish year round but I think there is something else important in the celebration of the trout opener. For me, it's the mental shift towards spring and summer and fish that will rise to a dry fly. Knowing that the sun will once again embrace the north makes everything a little better.

This year we're partnering with the Adams Chapter Trout Unlimited to celebrate the opener with a barbecue Friday, April 26th 4pm-7pm. There will be brats, beers, and fun. We'll be running specials all weekend to get you ready. There will also be some great door prizes you can win just by showing up!

Trout fishing has been pretty hit and miss to be quite honest. Streamer anglers continue to be persistent searching for that elusive bite window when everything comes together. The recent rains have likely put fish on the feed but most anglers are reporting long days on the water with little to show for it. A few have reported seeing stoneflies and blue winged olives popping when conditions are right. Most of us carry these flies in our boxes for some time before having the opportunity to catch a fish on dry so early in the season. It does happen though and many anglers come back to the shop after seeing a pod of rising fish and not having anything to match the menu. Soon, as the weather continues to warm, we will see black caddis and hendricksons hatching in the afternoons marking the official beginning of dry fly season.  

Despite all this talk of trout, many anglers are still chasing steelhead successfully on local rivers. Fishing has gotten tougher as many question if the main run has arrived or if there might still be fish to come. Even though water levels have been up the past week, successful anglers report subtle presentations of single beads or natural nymphs being the important factor on the end of the line. Stoneflies, Caddis, and Fry patterns all need to be in your boxes this time of year and try to keep nuke eggs and beads in fireball, glo roe, natural roe, and egg as well.

Happy Fishing Everyone!