Fishing Report 3/27/20

As you probably already know, the COVID-19 crisis has completely derailed what we think of as spring steelhead season.  In compliance with the Governor's orders, our guides have ceased all operations and are encouraging anglers to think hard before they venture out. We are very lucky at this point that we can escape to the places on the water we know well and have time to explore. The Michigan DNR has some guidelines we all need to follow if we want to stay healthy. 


To ensure the health of our staff and customers, our fly shop in Traverse City is currently closed. You can learn more about the Stay Home/Stay Safe order here. Make no mistake...this is not easy for us. We miss seeing our customers!

So, despite being closed, know that:

  • You can still email us if you need things at
  • Matt is working hard to put all of our fly tying materials up and available online. There will be a email blast to announce this exciting milestone.
  • We will be shipping out orders periodically throughout the week. Thank you for understanding any shipping delays during this crisis.
  • Even if things are not available on our website (like flies), you can get them by emailing us. 


The forecast is looking great if you are getting out. The fresh rain will continue to push fresh fish into the local rivers. Beads, Yarn, and Nymphs are all in play this time of year. Some days they'll only want one thing, others you can get away with all sorts of fun stuff. If you find yourself on the water with high/dirty conditions do not be afraid to go big...really big. These fish will eat, they just need to find what you're offering them. 


Healthy numbers of stoneflies have been enjoyed in the afternoon by anglers but unfortunately not many trout. Streamers are the name of the game this time of the year but think about having a dry fly rod rigged just in case. There's nothing quite like your first fish on top this early in the year. Conditions have been clear so downsize, dredge, and jig those flies in likely spots. Just don't ignore inside bends! If you're nymphing, find transition water, with the Manistee hovering around 44F, fish are still fairly lazy and not spending tons of energy.


Please stay healthy friends. We are looking forward to serving a healthy community both on the water and in our fly shop soon.