Fishing Report 3/12/21

Wow, that crazy wind we had the past two days, really did a number on our remaining snow! The next few days look to continue the warm trend but what we really need to start bringing more fish into our rivers is a good rain event.


As I mentioned previously, most of our snow has dissapeared in the past several days. Despite not getting the rain that was predicted earlier in the week, many of the smaller river levels have come up with the snowmelt. The Betsie came up a foot overnight and water levels are hovering right around 45 degrees. The Manistee continues to be low but levels are slowly coming up. 


  • Beads (we've been running 10mm in the spring)
  • Yarn Eggs 
  • Stoneflies
  • Hex Nymphs


Streamer anglers have been having fun the past two weeks as our trout are waking up and feeling aggressive. Jigged presentations have worked the best and you don't want to work too fast. Water levels are mostly low so you'll want to start out with natural colors until we get some more spring water into our systems. 

The nymphing game is picking up as well with temps slowly coming up. Both euro and indicator techniques are working depending on the water type. Make sure you have some stoneflies in your box, they're on the move and starting to hatch!


  • Sex Dungeons
  • Circus Peanuts
  • Peanut Envy


  • Pat's Rubber Legs
  • Hex Nymphs
  • EGGS!