Fishing Report 11/28/18

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Northern Michigan gifted us a wonderful warmup over the holiday weekend that made for some great fishing. Although we've cooled back down this week, things are looking great for this coming weekend starting on Friday with some warmer weather around forty degrees and cloudy. Saturday and Sunday we'll get some more moisture that is hopefully liquid to get some fish moving.

Our smaller rivers such as the Boardman, Betsie and Platte have all been fishing slow. Most anglers are wondering where the fish are and starting to form theories on their absence.  Those consistently willing to brave the colder weather are eventually finding fish starting to diversify their food intake. Beads, eggs, nymphs, jigs, and swung flies have all been successful but nothing seems to have emerged as the silver bullet. 

The Big Manistee is occasionally fishing better than our smaller rivers though the report mostly reflects anglers finding the same success rate as anglers everywhere in Michigan. If you can manage sleeping in, this is not the time of year to hurry to the water. Roads will be safer and the water temps will have risen slightly to hopefully improve the mood of what fish are around. 

Grab some hand warmers, bootfoots, and puffy jackets and get out there! Persistence pays off...