Fishing Report 11/17/20

As Brian and I set out yesterday to find some Steelhead down on the Manistee we both remarked at how wild this year has been and how fast winter is approaching. Then we decided not to dwell on things too much and just go fishing...

Steelhead fishing the past week hasn't been on fire but we're catching fish every day and some days just turn out better than others. We were lucky enough to have a great swing bite and ended up landing three of the four fish we hooked!

If you're planning on heading out for Steelhead you're going to need to be flexible, we've had a whole lot of things work for us including Chuck & Duck, Bobbers, and Spey presentations. New to steelhead fishing? Learn More about these techniques here!

What we're throwing:

  • Egg Patterns: Nuke Eggs & Glo Bugs in Steelhead Orange, Chartreuse, and Oregon Cheese
  • Beads: 8-10mm Glo Roe, Egg Yolk, Frosted Orange
  • Nymphs: Caddis, Stoneflies, & Hex Nymphs
  • Streamers: Egg Sucking Leeches & Flash Flies in Black, Purple, & Raspberry

In terms of trout, things have slowed down significantly with these cooler temperatures. Nymphs are now going to be your best bet for chasing trout on the stretches of water that remain open during the winter months. A warm day or two can change things however so keep that streamer rod at the ready!  

See you out there!