Fishing Report 10/7/19

Hey everyone, we hope you've been having a great time outdoors as fall has started to bring those crisp, cool mornings and our leaves begin to change to the vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges. We've been fishing hard for Trout, Salmon, and the occasional Steelhead. This time of year, just choosing what you'd like to target can be a real challenge as there are so many wonderful opportunities on local rivers.

Weather looks great for fishing this week, nice and stable with some rain coming in before the weekend so there will be fresh fish in the systems for you weekend warriors!



As far as most are concerned, dry fly season has all but finished though some stubborn anglers may still be able to coax some fish to the surface on a nice day with a skated caddis or well placed hopper. Streamer fishing is going to be your best bet from here on out for the rest of the year. Get out and enjoy some relative peace on the water away from the crowds. Low water in the Upper Manistee has us working likely spots with 200grain heads and smaller, more neutral flies. Once the fall rains return you'll be able to run the big heavy stuff.



There are still plenty of Salmon in our rivers and a few fresh Steelhead are showing up daily. We don't expect to see a real big push until the fall rains return. If you want to target steelhead and trout, set up just behind the salmon on the beds and throw egg patterns or an enticing leech pattern. You might be amazed at how great the trout fishing can be behind the kings!

If you're on the sidelines because the big fish destroyed your gear this year, stop in to our shop in Traverse City. We stocked up on some heavy-duty gear at great prices for this time of year. We're always happy to help you get outfitted or rigged up for wherever you're headed. Remember there is a great rigging article in the learn section of our website. Check it out here and hit the water with some confidence. 



Sometimes fall can be a great time to get out and do something different. A few of us have spent some time trying to track down smallmouth and pike on the local lakes. We haven't had tons of luck with numbers but the fish we're catching are well fed and heavy. I always like to recommend smaller lakes in the fall with structure you cannot ignore. That way you're not spending all day looking for where the fish might be. Big meals are the thing in the fall so those can put on some weight before winter.