Fishing Report 10/21/18

Well, if you missed it, it really began to feel like steelhead season this weekend with rain, sleet, and snow in Northern Michigan. Don't worry, that was just a taste of what will come later. This week actually looks fairly pleasant compared to the past few days. As always, it's probably a good time to be on the water. 


Salmon are finishing up on most of our Northern Michigan rivers. You can definitely still catch some kings and coho but they are looking a little rough. This means Steelhead will begin to ascend our rivers and we can really start to have some fun. Anglers fishing to the west have reported mixed results so far, a few fish on bead rigs and the occasional chaser to a swung fly. In Traverse City, the Weir will be removed this coming week opening up more river for anglers to enjoy. The Big Manistee continues to fish well for steelhead with bead and yarn rigs being the most effective. 


Despite earlier success, trout fishing has slowed during this recent cold spell. Expect things to pick up this week with warmer temperatures returning to Northern Michigan. Most fish will chase a 3-4" fly but it might be fun to see what happens with something bigger. Bring your eight weights and sink tips and let-er-rip!