Fishing Report 10/17/19

What a difference a week makes!

This past week has been chilly, windy, wet, and wild! Fishing has stayed pretty darn good for those who have been out on the water braving the elements.The next week looks pretty good weather wise with temperatures back up around sixty degrees and only a few chances of rain. 


Those out chasing the big fish will be happy to hear as the Kings continue to decline, steelhead are starting to show up in our smaller Northern Michigan rivers. The Big Manistee still has salmon up at the dam though most of us have been chasing the steelhead further down river. The egg bite is on so be sure to pack plenty of beads, glo bugs, and nuke eggs. If you've never rigged one of these rigs up, check out how here. You'll be sure to find some fish behind the gravel beds of remaining salmon. If you're on a river with a trout population you might try and lighten your tackle and target some hungry browns as well.


Streamer season is in full swing if you want to get away from the crowds chasing salmon & steelhead. Pay attention to the weather as our trout can be a bit moody. High-pressure times can be slow but if you've got a day on the front end of a cold front it should be rocking. Pay attention to water clarity as well instead of just throwing the biggest thing in your box. In clear water fish will be more skeptical and you may want to downsize. When considering color your best bet is always to match the bottom first. If that doesn't work and you're confident you're showing your fly to fish change it up. Different actions can make a big difference too whether you're fishing a deer hair fly fly that swims well or a heavy head that jigs and make all the difference some days. 

This can be a productive time to throw nymphs as well for our trout streams that remain open. That reminds me...PLEASE CHECK THE REGULATIONS FOR THE RIVER YOU PLAN TO FISH! We've had some customers very disappointed to find out their fishing plans had to be scrapped because they forgot to check the regulations. Anyways, tight-line nymphing this time of year with stoneflies and caddis nymphs can be super productive and a great way for anglers to learn where fish hold in our rivers. You need to really dedicate some time and believe in these tactics however. Don't give up!