Fishing Report 10/16/21

Wow, it's finally starting to feel like fall with the cool evening were getting now. Colors should really start to change and fishing should pick up even more!


Steelhead fishing is now in full swing and the egg bite has really taken off. This is the time of year you'll want to take all your eggs to the river as these fish will key in on something different pretty much every day as the conditions change. Pay more attention to more than just water levels, the moods of these fish change depending on light levels and cloud cover too. Successful anglers are flexible and always willing to change flies and fine tune their presentations. 

Yarn & Beads are the name of the game right now. In terms of yarn eggs, make sure you have Glo Bugs, Nuke Eggs, and big Rag Eggs as well. For beads, 10mm & 8mm in colors like cheese, glo roe, fireball, and clownegg are all great. Try a UV egg when the light levels are up and you might be surprised how well they work!


Personally, this is one of my favorite times of year to chase trout. The colors are popping on the river and the fish are colored up and aggressive in preparation for the fall spawn. You can usually find fish with whichever method you prefer whether it's swinging soft hackles, nymphing, or stripping streamers. 

Be sure to stay observant on the water and avoid fishing to spawning fish. Adjusting your tactics and flies in accordance to the conditions is the name of the game. Watch your water clarity and temps if you're streamer fishing, this information should help you decide whether to fish that 8" monstrosity or the single hook deer hair special hidden away in the meat-locker. 


We've been stocking up the streamer bins so you have tons of choices this fall. Noteabe additions are Drunk & Disorderly tied by our friend Herb down in GR, Charlie Craven's Swim Coach and Mena's Slider Bugger, a great low water sculpin imitation.