Top 10 Summer Dry Flies

Summer is here, we are past the major hatches but there is certainly still lots of fun to be had with trout on surface flies.  We like to mix in some classic attractors with modern standards in our summer boxes. These flies will work whether you're bushwhacking off the beaten path to your secret Brook trout spot or floating the big rivers and pounding the banks in search of summer browns.

1. Royal Wulff 

2. Stimulator

3. Parachute Patriot

4. Lime Trude

Lime Trude

5. Power Ant

Power Ant

6. Chubby Chernobyl

  Chubby Chernobyl

7. Hippie Stomper

Hippie Stomper

8. Elk Hair Caddis

Elk Hair Caddis

9. Yellow Humpy 

Yellow Humpy

10. Dave's Hopper

Dave's Hopper

11. (BONUS) Madsen's Dry Skunk

Madsen's Skunk


So there you go, we have all these Flies at The Northern Angler so you can get your boxes stocked up for some fun in the sun. 

Summer Box