Simms Bugstopper: better than Uncle Ivan's tick juice?

Warning: this post contains unabashed proclamations of love for clothing.

I bought my first Bugstopper Hoody from Simms this spring. As usual, I was late to the party with these things and just got tired of Brian bragging about living a mosquito free life on the river. The first test came this spring at my family's annual trout camp. I can't tell you where we camp or fish because I'll be disowned and likely endure great bodily harm but I can tell you it's small water in the deep woods. I can also tell you it is ground zero for Michigan mosquitoes and ticks.

You know you've made it to the right spot when you roll up on a bunch of guys sitting around the fire telling stories with their pants tucked into their socks passing around Uncle Ivan's homemade tick juice and deet. 

After four days straight of watching everyone else swat, struggle, and suffer I was sold. Now, let me be clear: does this hoody stop absolutely every little thing? No, but it makes life in the bush so much more enjoyable that I bought another one the moment I got back. Mosquitoes no longer buzz around my head and I haven't seen a tick all summer. They work so well my wife asked me to buy her one for when we're on the water or just out in the woods with the dog.

Matt Bugstopper

What is this black magic you might ask? A proprietary Permethrin formula is tightly bonded to fabric fibers which results in a effective, durable, odorless insect protection that lasts for the expected lifetime of the garment. Effective against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and flies this product has been extensively tested by the EPA and USDA. You can find even more information here

Simms also makes a number of other bugstopper clothing pieces for men and women so you can find the perfect thing to fit your style. 

We're stocked up with bugstopper at The Northern Angler so you can stay out longer whether it's hiking, camping, fishing, or just hanging out in Northern Michigan.