Reel Creel Reel Case

Reel Creel Reel Case

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Stripee™ Reel creel fly reel covers are made with 2mm neoprene that are offered in 2 sizes and in Brook trout pattern.

The Stripee Alpine Fly Reel Cover Case protects your reel and line against damage and unwanted elements and looks great with its unique design and pattern.

The case is tight-fitting and can quickly be taken off or put on, to secure your reel, and to ensure that you get to the water as soon as possible. Furthermore, the case helps keep your line intact when you are making your way to the water.  Protecting your line, it prevents bushes and branches from snagging it.

  • Medium size fits 2.5″ – 3.5″diameter spool with 1″-1.50″ arbor width
  • Large fits 3.5″- 4.5″ diameter spool with 1.25″-2.0″ arbor width

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