Redington Classic Trout Outfit

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If you're just getting started the amount of options can be overwhelming. We've taken one our favorite intro rods and paired it with a line a reel that will be perfect for anglers who are getting started and watching their budget. 

The Redington Classic Trout is a lightweight medium action rod that will help anglers feel the timing of the cast and enjoy fighting fish no matter the size.

The Redington I.D is a sturdy cast aluminum reel featuring a smooth rulon drag system that will last the test of time. It's made with a large arbor and even has a flat surface where you can show off unique stickers.

The Mainstream fly line from RIO is slightly heavy to help load modern fly rods and provide trout anglers with a delicate presentation.

480-4: A great small stream setup for the wading angler

490-4: A great dry fly focused setup for Northern Michigan

586-4: A great all-around outfit for those wading in tighter spaces

590-4: A industry standard trout setup for Northern Michigan and beyond