Pike Tubes with Tommy Greene

Tommy has been chasing large pike in Northern Michigan and Canada for years. He's adapted fishing and tying techniques from all over and added his own flair to create beautiful and effective tube flies to temp these toothy critters. 

Though he often uses rods in the nine and ten weight range, we'll be tying a slightly downsized tube that will be more comfortable to throw on an eight weight. 

Material list:

  • 2X Buck tail (2 colors that contrast but work well together. I’ll be doing blue and chartreuse green)
  • Large Crystal Hackle (blue)
  • 1/2” Eyes (Super Pearl)
  • Big Fly 400 Den. Thread (White)
  • 1/4” clear tubing from Ace
  • Flashabou (Mirage)
  • Flashabou Magnum (Mirage)
  • Flashabou Magnum (Silver)
  • Flashabou Magnum (UV) - optional
  • Holo Flashabou (Blue)
  • Salt Water Flashabou Extra Wide (Silver)
  • Lateral Scale (Mirage)
  • 2 part epoxy (5 min cure)