Euro Nymphing
The Basics

Looking to get started?

We know there's a lot of conflicting information out there. We're here to help you get started and keep things simple so you can get fishing.

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What is euro Nymphing?

What do You need?

Rod & Reel

You can use any trout rod to get started but eventually you may want a longer rod in the 10-11ft range. A rod designed for Euro Nymphing will be lightweight so you can fish all day with minimal fatigue. You may also consider choosing a reel to help balance these longer rods. 

Line & Leader

Although specific Euro Nymphing "fly lines" exist, any fly line will do as long as you have the right leader. Long leaders of at least 12ft are standard that have a brightly colored sighter built-in and taper to very light tippet with the use of a metal tippet ring.


With most Euro Nymphing rigs, the flies provide all the weight necessary. Many successful anglers use a two fly system with a heavier "point fly" on the bottom with a lighter "dropper fly" above on a tag.