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Part two of Flies at The Franklin with Russ Maddin this year gives us the "Shanked" Chromatic Peanut. If you've ever been interested in how to effectively use a few extra shanks on your fly, this video show how. As always, Russ puts this fly out into the world for it to be experimented with and improved upon. Depending on how you tie it you can use this fly to jig the depths or work it off those inside bends. Either way this "flicker tail" will be working hard to seduce fish.  RECIPE 1ST Shank Fish skull 10mm fish spine...

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January 14th we had our first Flies at The Franklin of the year and featured Russ Maddin and his enduring streamer flies. It was a huge turnout, and a great start to  our winter fly tying events. Russ tied two flies for us and I'm still working on editing the second to be released at a later date. For this edition we're showing off his Chromatic Peanut, and updated version of his classic Circus Peanut

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I am so excited to offer a little showcase of our winter tying gatherings Flies at The Franklin. I've wanted to have some of these videos up for a while but technical issues have held them back...until now. 

So, for your viewing pleasure, we present Russ Maddin's Tandem Flash Monkey. This is a big fly for big fish that streamer junkies will love. 

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