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he RS2 has been a regular player in the western states for a while now but can be overlooked due to it's simplicity. Fly tyers for some reason (myself included) often prefer the complicated over the the simple. Despite the RS2's popularity as a western fly, it performs admirable in all trout streams including Michigan. Typically fished in smaller forms (16-22), this fly can be extremely adaptable.

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his week we're tying the iconic Copper John. You would be hard pressed to find a fly box in the American West that doesn't have a few of these stored away. It's a fly designed to work off the bend of a buoyant fly such as a hopper or caddis but works wonderfully as part of a two nymph rig as well.

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I thought this week we would tie a fly that features turkey and I couldn't think of a better fly than the Borcher's Drake. This is a true staple in Northern Michigan fly boxes as it matches so many of our dark colored mayflies well. I recommend tying this up in sizes ten through sixteen. 

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