Fly Friday 12/21/18

Fly Tying, Spey, Steelhead, Swing -

Fly Friday 12/21/18

Happy Friday Everyone!

Winter is returning to Northern Michigan today with a cold north wind bringing us a little snow. We're tying a simple flash fly for Steelhead this week called the Flash Mob. I borrowed extensively from the classic Prom Dress fly that has caught us many fish over the years. I wanted to add a little more dimension and of course more colors to the mix however and it has turned out to be a quick easy fly that gets the attention of our Steelhead and occasional salmon. 

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  • Doggydaddy9

    I always use the Dave Pinchcowski “Thunk” method to spread the flash. Fun and functional. See his Eat a Peach Leech. Love the Flash Mob. All killer, no filler.

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