Fly Friday 11/15/19

Fly Friday 11/15/19


That's right, tune in all winter for new fly tying videos we'll be kicking out. We're of course going to have plenty of flies to tie but also work on specific techniques and discussing products that can improve your 


I've been a big fan of this nymph since I lived out in Utah where the SOS was developed by guide Spencer Higa. It's a mashup fly that combines some of the best elements from classics you already know like the Pheasant Tail and Zebra Midge. In this version I use two different UV resin products from Loon Outdoors to make a durable fly that really stands out. I prefer to use this fly as an attractor in Michigan's quicker water. With a tungsten bead up front, this really shines in a euro nymphing setup. I would encourage you to also play with the colors of UV finish on the wing case as I think the SOS would be a great steelhead nymph throughout the winter and into the spring. 

  • HOOK: TMC 2457 or Umpqua U202 12-16
  • THREAD: UNI 6/0 Black
  • BEAD: Silver Tungsten or Brass
  • TAIL: Pheasant Tail Fibers dyed Black
  • RIB: Silver Ultra Wire
  • WING CASE: Thin Skin
  • THORAX: Hareline's Hare'e Ice Dub
  • LEGS: Krystal Flash Pearl Black


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