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    TROUT Many anglers have been frustrated with trout fishing as water has stayed cold and hatches have been elusive. Remember that it will get better and we'll be back on schedule in no time. Those that spend the most time on the water will be the most successful as windows of opportunity can be short this time of year. Plan on fishing streamers, wet flies, and nymphs and hope for dry fly action.  Hendricksons will likely diminish after this weekend so it's a good idea to start carrying Sulphurs, Olive and Tan Caddis, March Browns, and Mahoganies. This...

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Like the weather, fishing has kept us on our toes and forced us to stay flexible. Both days I spent on the Upper Manistee this week the streamer action was good but the Hendrickson hatch was still fairly short. Black Caddis was consistent throughout the afternoon but the fish only seemed to care once the Hendricksons got started.

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As the snow is slowly melting in Northern Michigan, the fishing is starting to pick up. The Boardman, Betsie and Manistee rivers all have steelhead and will continue to receive fresh fish with the warmer temperatures predicted for next week. Expect higher water but still decent visibility. Successful anglers are using a variety of flies including yarn eggs, beads, black stoneflies and green caddis.

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