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In Traverse City, anglers report mixed results fishing downtown. Both Lake Trout and Steelhead can be found from Union Street Dam downstream to the mouth this time of year. Egg imitations are still your best bet so be sure to have some glo bugs, nuke eggs, ragg eggs, and beads with you in a variety of colors.

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Betsie, Boardman, Manistee, Platte, Salmon, Steelhead, Streamer, Trout -

Two hard frosts in the past week have made me think a little harder about whats to come. It's time for us to get snowstakes in, snowblowers prepared, and steelhead fishing on our smaller Northern Michigan rivers. This cool down has slowed fishing on the Big Manistee that was excellent the previous week. We're hoping that potential rains this weekend will bring in more fish and get things back on track.

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