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Versileaders from RIO have been around for a long time but rarely get much attention. I've seen tons of anglers put off learning to fish with streamers because they didn't want to buy an extra spool and new fly line for something they've never tried. Heck, that was me years ago! Now of course, I have more fly lines than I know what to do with but fishing a Versileader is where I got started streamer fishing and I still fish them today. 

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Things are starting to cool down in Northern Michigan and if you are planning on getting out to enjoy to the fantastic fishing we have you need to think about staying warm on the water. Layering systems are a dynamic, flexible way to stay warm and dry through whatever Northern Michigan throws at us. 

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It's October and 25 degrees this morning on the river. My breath is distinct in the morning glow that barely reaches the riverbank. My fingers are starting to numb and I know in five minutes they'll be nearly useless. 

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